Year 1: 300 meals

Year 2: 450 meals

Year 3: 475 meals

Year 4: 500 meals

Year 5: 500+ meals


Purpose: To serve, empower, and educate the less fortunate and those in need through civic and social giving.
Mission: In memoriam of the parent’s of Dean Cantave Sr., The Jean & Gail Cantave Foundation is a non-profit organization that was created to honor the legacy left to the organizations founder in serving, empowering, and educating the less fortunate through civic and social giving. 
The very first #50Wards50Meals Thanksgiving Food Drive & Fundraiser took place in 2016 on Thanksgiving morning at Pacific Gardens Mission homeless center in the South Loop of Chicago. Dean along with a small group of volunteers, prepared and distributed meals outside of the mission to anyone that wanted one. 
The founder came up with the idea after having spent the holiday season in 2015 alone after his mother passed away unexpectedly. 
To avoid the depression that set in during the holidays Dean Cantave decided that he would give back and help those less fortunate during the holiday season as a way to steer his energy towards something positive.
The organizations goal is to share in the never-ending and ongoing work to help those that do not have the ability to help themselves by providing the homeless, minorities, and youth with hope, aid, and opportunities that aid and abet a better quality of life.
Every able bodied citizen has the ability to give and lend a hand to someone in need and The Jean & Gail Cantave foundation seeks to be the wedge that connects those that have the ability to help with those that need help. We will connect the helping hands of those that have the ability to provide hope with the outstretched hands of those that direly need that help.
Committed to providing incremental and positive change to those that need an ounce of hope, The Jean & Gail Cantave Foundation seeks to create programs and events that will leverage the time, expertise and resources of our volunteers and contributors so that we can make a difference in someones life. 
Help us by participating and sharing in our effort to fan the flames of social and civic change!

We are an NFP Organization created to honor the legacies of Jean & Gail Cantave by way of Educating, Empowering & Serving Community through Philanthropic efforts.


Service with a smile to brighten anyone's day! We seek to meet the immediate needs of our community's less fortunate as our first course of action.


Sometimes each of us just needs a hand up. We want to be able to provide that hand to as many as need it in our community.


"Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime." - an old Navajo proverb.

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