31 Companies That Donate To Not-For-Profit Organizations Every Year

You have a lot of say in where your money goes.  If you’re shopping around for a new pair of sneakers, why not take the time to find a company that will do more with your money than line the pockets of their shareholders?  Many popular companies donate to not-for-profit organizations every year, giving thousands of dollars of their proceeds to support causes that matter.

By supporting these companies, you’re indirectly giving your money in support of not-for-profits that are actively making a difference in the world.  I’ve gathered together a list of 31 companies that donate to not-for-profit organizations every year to help you make the most of your money.

Consider Supporting These Companies That Donate To Not-For-Profit Organizations

1.   Amazon

Amazon may be a giant in the online shopping industry, but they put their money to good use by donating to not-for-profit organizations.  They donate to organizations that provide disaster relief and also give through Amazon Local Love, a community support program.

2.   Costco

Costco is another retailer that donates to not-for-profit organizations, although they narrow their focus to not-for-profits that provide aid to kids and education as well as health and human services.  The not-for-profit organizations they support are always in the same neighborhood as one of their stores.

3.   eBay

eBay has a special “eBay for Charity” program that allows its sellers to donate to select not-for-profit organizations.  Sellers are allowed to choose which not-for-profits to support and how much of their sales they would like to give.

4.   JC Penney

JC Penney donates money to not-for-profit organizations that are either dedicated to serving the military or veterans, health and welfare, or provide education or relief from hunger.  They also have a JCPenney Communities Foundation dedicated to supporting programs that help underserved kids.

5.   Macy’s

Macy’s gives to not-for-profit organizations that are primarily centered around education, arts and culture, women’s issues, and HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention.  Their “Macy’s Gives Back” program also encourages customers to donate by rounding up their purchases.

6.   Nike

Nike offers grants and donations to schools, individuals, and not-for-profit organizations.  They have a section on their website where not-for-profit organizations can apply for one of their grants as well as request a product donation, providing Nike products to kids or underserved communities.

7.   Office Depot

Office Depot has a special foundation that donates to local schools and not-for-profit organizations.  Their Start Proud! Community investment program makes sure that students get the supplies they need for the school year.  They also provide assistance to businesses that need help recovering from a natural disaster.

8.   Target

Target provides special grants to not-for-profit organizations, usually ones with missions related to arts, education, public safety, and education.  The Target Foundation invests specifically in not-for-profit organizations that seek to reshape economic and social systems within their hometown community of Minneapolis-St. Paul and abroad.

9.   American Airlines

You can also give back when you fly by choosing American Airlines.  They donate to not-for-profit organizations that provide social and community services as well as education.  They also donate to arts and culture not-for-profit organizations.  Any not-for-profits can apply for aid on their website.

10.  Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines is another airline that donates to not-for-profit organizations.  Not-for-profits can apply on their website, as they give to both local and national organizations.  They also donate to not-for-profit organizations that give back to the community or provide disaster relief.

11.   Best Buy

As a technology company, Best Buy is focused on not-for-profit organizations that are aimed at promoting technological literacy.  With the use of technology becoming more and more widespread every year, Best Buy seeks to help young people enter the job market with the technology training they need.

12.   Dell

Dell offers donations to not-for-profit organizations in addition to corporate sponsorships.  One requirement they have for not-for-profits requesting a donation is that Dell technology is integrated into the event somehow.

13.   Google

As one of the biggest companies in the world, Google is also one of the biggest donators to not-for-profit organizations.  Not only do they provide funding to up-and-coming organizations, but they also provide grants to not-for-profit organizations involved in the areas of technology, computers, and coding.

14.   IBM

Unlike some of the companies on this list, IBM does not encourage not-for-profit organizations to apply for unsolicited donations.  Instead, they choose not-for-profits whose missions involve helping the environment, improving literacy, health, and economic development.

15.   Microsoft

Microsoft donates more than just money to not-for-profit organizations.  They also donate free software to both not-for-profits and libraries based in the US.  The not-for-profit organizations they support usually center around education, human rights, poverty, and the environment.

16.   Verizon

Like IBM, Verizon does not donate to just any not-for-profit that seeks its help, but instead has certain requirements for eligibility.  Verizon usually donates to not-for-profit organizations involved in energy management, education, and healthcare.

17.    Disney

As a leading provider of children’s entertainment, Disney donates primarily to not-for-profit organizations that provide aid to both children and families.  They give cash grants and in-kind donations as well as offer public service announcements to raise awareness for certain causes.

18.   Marriott

Marriott donates to not-for-profit organizations that are focused on the areas of children, the environment, shelter and food, and global diversity and inclusion.  They also provide special assistance to any not-for-profit organization that helps people prepare for hotel careers.

19.   Universal

Universal makes most of their donations to not-for-profit organizations in the form of theme park tickets.  They provide free tickets to not-for-profits focused on youth education and community development.  Any not-for-profit organization that applies for a donation must meet their core values.

20.  Coca Cola

The Coca Cola Foundation is Coca Cola’s biggest source of philanthropy, donating to not-for-profit organizations around the world.  They give to not-for-profits aimed at fighting the coronavirus, empowering women, protecting the environment, and education.

21.   Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts has a special “The Joy in Childhood Foundation” which provides aid to sick and hungry children throughout the US.  They donate to both local and national not-for-profit organizations, as well as providing free cups of coffee and breakfast to local hospitals and emergency sites during the pandemic.

22.   Kroger

Kroger’s donations are primarily focused on not-for-profit organizations that provide hunger relief, education, women’s health services, or environmental aid.  They also donate to not-for-profit organizations that are aimed at increasing diversity within communities.

23.   Starbucks

The Starbucks Foundation provides grants to not-for-profit organizations that focus on youth, veterans and military spouses, and refugees.  They provided $1.3 million in grants in 2018 to support more than 47 programs and not-for-profit organizations.

24.   Walmart

Walmart provides grants to not-for-profit organizations that range between $250 and $5,00 per organization.  However, they do allow not-for-profits to apply for and receive up to 25 grants per year.  They primarily support not-for-profit organizations that serve their local community.

25.   Whole Foods

In accordance with their unique missions and values, Whole Foods donates to not-for-profit organizations that support their local communities.  They focus on organizations that address the specific needs of their community as well as ones that promote sustainability.

26.   ExxonMobil

ExxonMobil donates to local not-for-profit organizations as well as any organization whose mission is related to education, healthcare, or the environment.  The ExxonMobil Foundation focuses on supporting math and science education within the US as well as women’s economic development.

27.   Dominion

Dominion tends to donate to not-for-profit organizations that operate in the areas that they service, usually providing around $8,000 per organization.  Dominion also has a special program called the Environmental Education and Stewardship grants program that donates to both public and private schools.

28.   Toys”R”Us

Toys”R”Us has a Children’s Fund that offers both monetary donations as well as in-kind donations, giving toys to not-for-profit organizations in the communities that they serve.  As they are a toy company, they usually support not-for-profit organizations that are aimed at helping children.

29.    LEGO

LEGO is another toy company that donates to not-for-profit organizations aimed at promoting the play, learning, and creativity of children.  However, all of their donations come in the form of in-kind gifts, giving free toys to not-for-profit organizations that help marginalized children.

30.    Toyota

The Toyota USA Foundation is primarily aimed at improving the quality of education, so most of its support is for not-for-profit organizations with that mission in mind.  They are particularly interested in not-for-profit organizations that can provide measurable results.

31.    Nissan

Nissan has a special foundation that provides grants to not-for-profit organizations centered around cultural diversity education, and the arts.  Nissan Neighbors is their community-focused initiative that donated to not-for-profit organizations in the areas of education, the environment, and humanitarian aid.

Whether you’re looking to support companies that donate to charitable organizations or you’re a not-for-profit organization searching for sponsors, it’s important to know what companies are doing with their money.  By supporting companies that make a point to donate to not-for-profit organizations, you encourage more charitable giving in the world.